Aloe Vera essentials - FredericM

Aloe Vera essentials - FredericM

Aloe Vera essentials - FredericM

$65.20 $58.50

Aloe Vera essentials - FredericM

$65.20 $58.50

Do you want soft, supple and hydrated skin while using environmentally friendly products based on natural ingredients?

Aloe vera is one of our flagship active ingredients and has been known for its moisturizing and soothing properties since ancient times. This plant has been used for more than 5000 years by different great civilizations, particularly for cosmetic purposes.

Our flagship active ingredient, aloe vera, has been known for its moisturizing and soothing properties since ancient times.

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and cleansing properties, Aloe Vera helps prevent the appearance of pimples and limit their proliferation by regulating the production of sebum. She is the queen of hydration, regenerating the skin and maintaining the natural hydrolipidic film. Aloe Vera is particularly appreciated for calming sunburn, overheating of the skin and small superficial burns.

Discover our range with organic aloe vera

Our range includes a facial cream rich in organic Aloe Vera concentrated at 74.9%, which allows the skin to regain its suppleness while maintaining its water capacity. Thanks to a formula with 95% ingredients of natural origin, this exceptional cosmetic cream revitalizes the epidermis with sunflower oil and organic shea butter.

We also have an Aloe Vera gel, composed of 91% aloe vera, which concentrates all of the beneficial actions of the plant. The soothing action of aloe vera gel inhibits inflammation and improves the protective functions of the skin.

And finally, the Aloe Vera spray is the essential product for small everyday ailments thanks to its soothing properties. With its concentrated formulation of 99.3% organic aloe vera, it allows multiple beauty applications in a single gesture.

Banish acne and blackheads

All skin types
✅ Fabric softener
✅ Revitalizing
✅ Nourishing
✅ Hydrates
✅ Anti-inflammatory
✅ Healing

True source of hydration

Whether you are looking to deeply hydrate your skin or protect it against external aggressions, our Aloe Vera cosmetics will meet all of your skin's needs and concerns. So, are you ready to discover the benefits of Aloe Vera for your skin with our range of skin care products?


  1. Made in France.
  2. 99.60% of the total ingredients are of natural origin.
  3. 97.84% of the total ingredients come from organic farming.
  4. Vegan product.
  5. Without colouring
  6. Without perfume.
  7. No added water.

Find in the ALOE VERA box

1x a face cream (AVB02) - 74.9% organic Aloe Vera

1x a gel (AVB01) - 91% organic Aloe Vera

1x spray (AVB00). - 99.3% organic Aloe Vera

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